Grizzly Mtn Endurance Ride 2017 Preparations have started!

Max Merlich and Darlene Anderson have agreed to take the Grizzly Mtn Ride over, from Linda and Dennis Tribby beginning in 2017.

The Grizzly Mtn Ride was “born” in 1999. Managed by Linda Tribby and Sara Miller,  with invaluable help from their awesome husbands, Dennis Tribby and Roger Miller. The ride became the early first of the season ride in Oregon.

Grizzly Mtn attracts those long distance riders, wishing to put an early 75 miler on their horses, getting a jump on their endurance season. Grizzly Mtn also attracts many Central Oregon riders wondering what an endurance ride is. The rider numbers have been variable over the years, due in part to the spring weather in Central Oregon, which can be variable!

Max and Darlene previously managed the highly successful Mt Adams Endurance Ride, in Washington State. Distance and time restraints caused them to hand the ride back to one its previous ride manager, Stephanie Irving. While they still plan to help Steph and Steve put the Mt Adams Ride on, their primary focus will now be the Grizzly Mtn Ride, which is close to home.

With over 20,000 collective endurance miles between them and their years of managing the Mt Adams Ride (Darlene had managed rides previous to Mt Adams, including the Fire Mtn Ride and the Harry’s Fish Folly, both in Washington State), Max and Darlene have plans for the Grizzly Mtn Ride. They have a terrific “village” to help them get the Grizzly Mtn 2017 Ride off the ground.

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