Winter can’t stop us!

We are working with the Grasslands (USFS) to see what updated trails we can offer the Grizzly Mtn Ride. Max is working with the local USFS office to secure our permits for the next 5 years. Not an easy task!

We have been out looking around a little to see if we can build a new “big” loop that doesn’t use up so much Prineville Ride (Still Memorial Ride nowadays) trail. It’s inevitable that the two rides will share a bit of trail, but it’s important to us that each ride has its own unique “flavor”.

We plan to keep the Juniper Springs Loop (old orange loop), and the Tribby Loop (old 10 mile loop). We hope to add the Warner Loop, which used to be used on the 75 miler at the Prineville Ride. We are working on a few other things that we’re pretty excited about, provided the USFS lets us use the roads/trails.

The Juniper Springs Loop (previously the “Orange Loop”) mapped out by Sue Summers. This loop is a little over 20 miles. Many thanks to Sue for helping us accurately map our loops! 

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