This just in! We have gate helpers!

Max and I did some rough counting tonight and we came up with an estimated 30 (!!) gates on this ride. Those of you who have ridden the Grizzly Mtn Ride know how it is to get on and off your horses all day long opening and closing gates. The Crooked River National Grasslands is a heavily grazed public lands, so these fences and gates are a way of life out here.

Many many thanks goes to Sara Miller for getting us in touch with Lisa Mathis. Lisa is a Boy Scout Leader who has pledged her Troop’s help for the Grizzly Mtn Ride!

Lisa and her Boy Scout Troop for offering their services at the most critical gate crossings.

That means, dear riders, prepare to open your wallets and donate generously to this Troop of kids who are giving up a Saturday to help us out! We’ll have a donation jar at the Registration desk, and at the Ride Meeting.

As I get more information about Lisa’s troop, I’ll pass it on.

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