Trail Work has begun in earnest!

March 25 marked the first real day we were able to get out on the Grizzly trails and do some major clean up. Normally this isn’t a difficult ride to clean trail on, but this year, a juniper clearing contract put a bunch of trees on a major trail. PNER members to the rescue! When we put out the word that the trail was a mess, Leonard, Elayne, Holly and Les, as well as Kristen and her punkins, Blake (niece) and Rocky, came out to help. What would have taken Max and Darlene several hours to get done, took this crew just over an hour. We were so happy for the help!

3-18-17 Grizzly Trail Work Crew
The Grizzly Mtn Trail Gang! PNER Members, Elayne Barclay, Leonard Bottleman, Max Merlich, Holly and Les Rouska and Darlene Anderson, flanked by Blake and Rocky, AND Adakai!
Chainsaw Captain at work
Chainsaw Captain, Max, at work!
Chainsaw Gang
Chainsaw dudes converging!
Downed juniper trees
Lots of downed juniper trees to clean out of the trails!
Leonard and Elayne
Many thanks to Leonard and Elayne for their help!

Later after the day’s work had settled down, the Gang all gathered at Max and Darlene’s to do some ribbon tying since we have no ribbons tied for this ride. Being practical, we tie ribbons onto clothes pins and then pin them to the trees, etc, for ease of marking. This is really handy when it comes to taking the ribbons back down! Then we can use them again next year, and the year after that.

Impromptu ribbon tying party
We had an impromptu ribbon tying party!
Kristen Elayne tying ribbon
Kristen and Elayne helping get ribbons tied up.

Leonard Elayne Kristen

Ribbon help
Rocky and her mama, Kristen tying ribbons for the Willow Creek Loop!
Rocky trail ribbon princess
Rocky tied a bunch of ribbon for the Jasper Loop!

Many thanks to our friends in Central Oregon for stepping up and showing up to help us clean this trail! We appreciate it very much!

More information coming shortly!

Loop configurations, hopefully a map, and ribbon colors!

See ya’all there!


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