Announcements! Also, get your entry into Anna Sampson!

crunch time

April 15 is fast approaching! Please get your entries sent into Anna Sampson as soon as you can!  Email her so she can get your entries started!

If possible, print, fill out and send your entry to Anna asap.

Ride Entry Form – EDRA-PNER

Even if you don’t send a check with it, she needs your information!

We will have these forms available at the ride as well.

We are asking that riders register ahead of time, if at all possible.  Please send your completed entry form to Anna Sampson before April 10, 2017.

Anna Sampson, 40958 S Sawtell Rd, Molalla, OR 97038

Why is it important for us to have these entries? Because we want to feed our riders, that’s why! It’s easier to buy the right amount of food, completion awards, have enough porta potties and water tanks if we have an idea of how many people and horses we’re dealing with.

important announcement

Because it’s something I’ve thought about for awhile, and had fairly strong feelings about, due to a tragic horse wreck I witnessed at the Klickitat Trek ride several years ago, I’m going to just come out and be decisive. If you’re using hot wire/tape to enclose your horses at ride, please be aware that the Grizzly Mtn Ride policy is to have only one horse per enclosure. I realize that this won’t necessarily prevent wrecks, but it is a small preventative step. We have pretty conscientious riders here in the NW, but sometimes, things just happen. They even happen to the best of us under the best of circumstances. So, one horse per enclosure please.

I’m also going to release our information sheet with a ride map and ribbon colors on it as soon as it’s finalized. What I can tell you is that we have 5 loops, ranging from 12-38 miles each. There will be one out check for the 75’s and 50’s around 18 miles, first thing in the day. The 75’s will start at 6:15 am.


Charleen Farrell has agreed to be our Water Queen so your tanks will be plentiful and plenty full.  Be sure to say hi and thank you to Sharke when you see her and Buggy out making sure our water needs are fully met!

Woody Celena

Woody and Celena of Landmark Catering and the Sandwich Factory in Prineville will be bringing dinner for us on Friday! We’ll be providing burgers/brats/veggie burgers, potato salad and a green salad, with all the sides, fixin’s, sauerkraut, chips, etc and beverages to all riders and volunteers. Crews and non riders can buy a dinner for a $8.00. We would love to have a headcount, so if you’d like your crew/friends to have dinner, please make a note on your entry so we have some idea of what we need to have on hand.

We are brewing up another announcement, but it’s not done perking yet. I’ll do a separate blog post when we’ve got everything figured out. Stay tuned!

Until next time,

Darlene & the Grizzly Gang

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