It’s time to test your Mettle!


The Grizzly Mtn Ride has decided to add a Mettle Relay to the Saturday line-up!

Learn more about EDRA’s first ever Mettle Relay on their website:

Mettle Relays

Curious about this Mettle Relay thing people are talking about? Then you’d better scoot on over to the Grizzly Mtn Ride and test your Mettle!

From Sue Summers, EDRA Founder and Co-Organizer of the Grizzly Mtn Mettle Relay:

OK distance riders, we’ve decided to start the season off with an EDRA Mettle Relay at Grizzly. This is a great opportunity to get out and ride and see friends even though the weather gods kept you from having horses ready early. We’re working out the final details and should have it posted tonight so you can get registered. Teams will be 2 horses/2 riders and total distance will be 50 – 60 miles. So each horse/rider will ride 25 -30 miles.

Keep an eye on the EDRA website for more information about the Grizzly Mtn Mettle Relay!


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