Grizzly Mtn update 4/12/17

Only a few days now!

We’ve had several people let us know they’re coming. We really appreciate it! Thank you!

If you are looking for an entry form and can’t find it on the front page of the Grizzly Mtn Website, look no further:

Ride Entry Form – EDRA-PNER

We also told you there would likely be changes to the criteria sheet I published last night and sure enough! I had the relay information incorrect! See below for a new and improved sheet! Nothing has changed except the information regarding the TYM Relay ride.

4-12 Grizzly Trail Info001

The weather looks like it’s going to try to cooperate. Hopefully it does! This is part of a weather forecast that I pulled off of  We’ll take it!

Grizzly wx report

Please plan to attend the ride meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Friday (listen for the truck horn!). A ton of valuable information will be shared. We expect all riders to be at the ride meeting so the confusion factor on Saturday is kept to a minimum! 


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