Calling all Volunteers!

help wanted

If you aren’t able to ride the Grizzly Mtn Ride this year, but would like to offer up your help, we’d love to have you! Vet scribes, timers, pulse takers, (maybe) gate tenders and more.

Even if you’ve touched base with me already, would you do so again so you don’t fall in the cracks and I forget?




Grizzly Mtn Loops, distance and elevation profiles, and ribbon colors. GPS/Gaia GPS app files too!

These are the loops the Grizzly Mtn Ride will be using for the 2018 Grizzly Mtn Ride. You will find the loop configurations beneath these pictures.  ALL of the loops go counter-clockwise .

Grizzly Mtn Ride - All Loops 3-26

2018 Grizzly Train Info

Grizzly Mtn Ribbons!

Grizzly Mtn Ribbons 2018

Rimrock Loop – 26.5 miles – Pink & Blue ribbons

Warner Loop – 16.2 miles – Pink & Black Stripe and White ribbons

Scales Loop – 14 miles – Orange & White ribbons

Image result for yellow caution tape

Tribby Loop – 9.5 miles – Yellow & Black Stripe and White ribbons

Corners will be marked with bright yellow


Below are pictures of each loop with elevation information

Grizzly Mtn Ride - Rimrock Loop

Grizzly Mtn Ride – Rimrock Loop – 26.5 mi.

Grizzly Mtn Ride - Scales Loop

Grizzly Mtn Ride – Scales Loop – 14 miles

Grizzly Mtn Ride - Tribby Loop

Grizzly Mtn Ride – Tribby Loop – 9.5 miles

Grizzly Mtn Ride - Warner Loop

Grizzly Mtn Ride – Warner Loop – 16.2 mi

Loop Configurations: 

Trail Ride: 

Warner Loop – 16.2 mi OR Tribby Loop – 9.5 mi. (We’ll have a vote at the ride and let the trail riders choose the loop by consensus.)

Short Distance: 

Rimrock Loop – OUT – 15 miles to out vet check. Hold of 45 minutes.

Rimrock Loop – IN – 11.5 miles to Camp, placing at horse’s pulse down to 60 beats per minute.

50 Mile Distance: 

Rimrock Loop – OUT – 15 miles to out vet check. Hold of 15 minutes.

Rimrock Loop – IN – 11.5 miles to Camp, vet check. Hold of 1 hour.

Scales Loop – 16.2 miles – back to Camp. Hold of 30 minutes.

Tribby Loop – 9.5 miles – back to Camp and FINISH.

75 Mile Distance: 

Rimrock Loop – OUT – 15 miles to out vet check. Hold of 15 minutes.

Rimrock Loop – IN – 11.5 miles to Camp, vet check. Hold of 1 hour.

Tribby Loop – 9.5 miles – back to Camp. Hold of 15 minutes.

Warner Loop – 16.2 miles – back to Camp. Hold of 30 minutes.

Scales Loop – 16.2 miles – back to Camp. Hold of 15 minutes.

Tribby Loop – 9.5 miles – back to Camp and FINISH.

Test Your Mettle Relay:

Warner Loop – 16.2 miles – back to Camp. (X2)

Scales Loop – 16.2 miles – back to Camp. (X2)

Tribby Loop – 9.5 miles – back to Camp. (X2)

2018 Grizzly Mtn Trail Info – Printable

GPS Files: 

Grizzly Mtn Ridecamp

Rimrock Loop

Out Vet Check on Rimrock Loop

Warner Loop

Scales Loop

Tribby Loop

If you have any questions on how to load up the GPS tracks, Sue Summers has graciously offered to help people getting set up with the Gaia GPS app or help get the tracks into your GPS. Sue will really prefer to help folks out prior to getting to the ride, if at all possible, saving time for all!

The provided form will contact Sue. (Thank you Sue!)





The Grizzly Loops are all ridden, miles are verified, we have a ride to put on!

Max and some of our good friends have been getting the “new” loops ridden so we have accurate mileages to offer. Interestingly, the miles being recorded on different devices and applications are all coming up within tenths of a mile of one another. That’s heartening to know! I will be posting the gpx files for folks to upload into their Gaia GPS apps, or their GPS’s or whatever they choose. I’m excited about this!

The area the ride covers will be the same as last year, but I’ve changed up the loops, trying to cover ground, and still keep it interesting. We have to tread lightly when it comes to the governing body where our ride is held. We can only use these trails, so these trails are what we’re using. They make for a terrific first of the season ride. Not too easy, not too hard. Just the way we like ’em!

I’ll also be posting the loop colors and we’ll be getting started organizing our ribbons. Only a few weeks now!

Max reports that the trails, while a little gummy in places, are looking great. He’s going to try to contact the Grasslands office to confirm when they are releasing the area to have cows turned out. Hopefully AFTER the ride, OTHERWISE, we’ll need a herd of volunteers to man gates! Hint hint!

On to tracks and maps! Stay tuned!


Trails are coming along, and we have a new (to us) way to follow them!

By now, most NW riders are aware of the amount of trail sabotage that takes place at some of the rides. There has been much talk about trying to do rides “XP” style where the tracks are loaded into riders’ GPS units and they follow the tracks. While this sounds like a great idea in theory, it does limit how fast a rider can move since they have to keep a close eye on their track to stay on trail. As far as I know there still isn’t a GPS that will go all Tom Tom on us and let us  know verbally that we have a “Right turn in 1/4 mile”!

Enter modern innovation! Last season Sue and Dennis Summers tried out a new system of marking trail and following trail at their Scottsdale 100 ride. They had a considerable amount of trail sabotage, but with this app, they were able to talk some of the riders back on course and secure their completions! What is this amazing app, you ask? I’m going to tell you. Then I’m going to suggest you go to your Google Play Store, or your iTunes and load up this free app prior to coming to the Grizzly Mtn Ride.

On Friday, April 20, Sue Summers will be conducting a clinic where she will help riders load the maps up onto their smart phone or their GPS unit. She did this “class” at the recent EDRA Conference and there were lots of us attendees oooo’ing and ahhhhh’ing over this amazing new “toy”! Even those of us less handy with all things electronic were able to figure out the interface and find their way around the little track that Sue loaded up for everyone. A few of us opted for the $20/year membership to have access to more options on the app.

I have added a tab to the Grizzly Mtn Ride page with instructions on how to load up the GAIA GPS app to your smartphone. I’ll also be creating a link to the Warner Loop, which is a popular Central Oregon trail for trail riders all year long.  Your assignment will be to load the app, download the Warner Loop and see what you see.

Grizzly Mtn – Gaia GPS app info

Image result for gaia app

SO…on to the trails we’ll be using!

Sat down and gave our loops a hard look online. Kind of liking to switch things up a little bit to keep it interesting!

Max has been out riding our loops to make sure our mileage is correct. I’m still recovering from lower back surgery, which seems to have been successful! I have a hard time “staying down”, but I’m following the rules best I can.

This year we are having a 26 mile ride as our shorter distance. This will be a single loop with an out vet check somewhere around 14 miles. The outcheck will be a 45 minute hold for the short distance riders. You’ll be on what we call the Rimrock Loop.

The 50 milers will be doing the same Rimrock Loop, then the newly named Scales Loop, and finishing off on the Tribby Loop.

We’ve added in the Warner Loop for the 75 milers, and the Test Your Mettle Relay riders will be riding the Warner Loop, then the Scales Loop, and they’ll finish off on the Tribby Loop.

Where are all these loops you ask? No worries there, I will be posting the loops in a format you can download into your new (!) Gaia GPS app!

I’ll be making a separate post with maps, mileages, holds and ribbon colors.

See ya there! As always, if you have questions, get in touch with me. If I don’t answer right away, give me a nudge. I’m not so good at multi tasking!


Congratulations to our first received pre-entry!

Image result for first!

Romina King was the first to get her entry to me for the Grizzly Mtn Ride. She will be getting $5 off her entry and another special award for her efforts.

Image result for first! Thank you Romina!

The entries are starting to roll in, thank you for that! Makes the day before the ride go so much easier!

PNER-EDRA entry form

As always, please contact me if you have any questions!

Sidenote, Max and I were out toodling around the countryside today and found the area to be drying out quickly. That will bode well for our early spring trails!

See ya’all in a few short weeks!


How do I enter the Grizzly Mtn Ride, you ask? Read on…

Image result for be prepared

The following link will take you to the PNER homepage, the home page for the Pacific Northwest Endurance Rides.

This is your entry form!

Image result for down arrow





PNER-EDRA Entry Form

Scan and email it to me:

or send it to me       Image result for snail mail:

Grizzly Mtn Ride
Darlene Merlich
14481 SW Twin Lakes Rd
Powell Butte, OR 97753

Contact me with any questions you may have by filling out the form below:

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Grizzly Mtn Ride welcomes ALL!

Max Willow Creek

Max and Miles going through Willow Creek. Photo credit – Ty Yazzie

Good Morning Grizzly Mtn Ride Fans!

I’ve been slow this year to get started on the Grizzly Mtn Ride prep. I’ve been dealing with a herniated L5-S1 disc. Anyone who has dealt back issues knows the pain. If you haven’t, consider yourself lucky, keep a strong core and take care of that back! Back pain is not to be trifled with!

That aside, it’s time for us to start considering our trails. We’ll have the same system of trails available to us this year, but I am thinking to mix things up and have some shorter loops. By shorter, I mean the longest one will be 26 miles and the shortest 12 miles, with the average being between 14-18 miles long.  I love for people to get to see different parts of the country and this ride has long shared a great deal of trail with the Still Prineville Ride. I’ve been trying to cut that down as much as possible. The ride camp change for the SPR didn’t help that much, but that can’t be helped.  Both rides do the best they can.  🙂

Max, Elayne and Leonard recently went out and rode a portion of the Juniper Springs loop. It was a bit wet due to recent snowfall, but should be all dried out by ride day. Max has also ridden the Warner Loop a couple of times and found it to be dry with great footing!

SO, with that said, the trails are in the works, the awards are in the works. I want to remind the other ride managers out there that the Grizzly Mtn Ride observes the PNER Ride Manager discount for ALL ride managers!  So that leaves what else? FOOD! We are happy to announce that once again, Celena and Woody and their Landmark Catering will be doing burgers on Friday night. Veggie and Gluten-Free options available! You need to let us know your preference though! We need to know numbers! We are also working on something yummy for Saturday after the ride. More on that as I know.

That’s it for now, please remember to send your entries to me, as soon as you can, so I have your ride packets made up and food planned out! If need be, send your entry now, and bring a check to the ride, OR drop it all in an envelope and send it over.

You can find an entry form here:

See ya’all in a little over 6 weeks! Remember, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to touch base with either Max or I.