Grizzly Mtn 2018 Housekeeping Items

More like trail keeping, right? ♥

Our pre-registrations are coming in like crazy, thank you! If you’re just reading this and haven’t sent in your registration, no worries, bring it with you! However, please drop a note to Carol Giles ( and give her your details so she can include you on her spreadsheet that she’s going to hand off to Karen Leiman, who will be in charge of registrations at camp. Thank you for all your help, Carol and Karen! SO APPRECIATED!  So far, we’ve have had just over 60 registrations sent in. THANK YOU! A few more signed up for the 75 and we’ll have full fields in all three distances!

I received a call from Gail Williams (PNER Ride Manager Extraordinaire!) tonight. She has offered to come and be our in camp timekeeper. THANKS SO MUCH, GAIL!!

PNER President, Kristen Grace, will be running our out vet check. Many thanks to her for that!

It truly takes a village to put on a ride. I love this village.

Grizzly Mtn Kay I.jpg
View from the Grizzly Mtn Ridecamp 2017 ~Photo by Kay Ickes

⇒ Gate Keepers

Several folks have stepped up to volunteer, thank you so much! We will need 2-4 gate keepers (mostly lined up, thank you!). Two on the Rimrock Loop, on each side of an active grazing allotment with cows in it, and two on the Warner loop, also bordering an active grazing allotment. We will need a couple on the Tribby Loop, as well.


⇒ There’s an out vet check?

YES! The Rimrock Loop has an out check at 15 miles. All distances are going through here. Ride management will transport your crew bags out and there will be a horse ambulance available. Crews are welcome. Driving directions below. Hold times have been announced, however, like all things distance riding, subject to change!

Driving directions from the Grizzly Mtn Ride Camp to the out vet check on the Rimrock Loop:  Driving Directions to out VC – Rimrock Loop

⇒ Weather

Welcome to Central Oregon, where the weather changes hourly in the spring! All indications are pointing to a mostly sunny day, near 60° or better. YES!

Madras wx 2.png

⇒ Dinner!!

I see on the sheet that we have approximately 35 people signed up. Please go have a look and if you can’t sign up for food because the sheet won’t cooperate, please contact me,, and I’ll get you on there. Please get your name on there soon! Chef Woody needs numbers by this coming Wednesday, April 18!

Image result for burgers and brats




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