It’s getting to be that time!


The date is quickly approaching! It’s time to start thinking about things like which of our 7 loops will we choose to use this year? Who’s going to run our out vet check? (hint, I’ve got that one done!), What will we choose for awards? Ribbon color combinations anyone? The trails are looking good. It’s too early to tell about any real trail conditions since it’s intermittently winter and not winter out there right now. It always seems that things come together just fine though.

I AM curious though, what sorts of awards do folks like best? I know what *I* like, but sometimes that doesn’t line up with folks’ expectations. So, how about you guys comment on this post and let us know the things you like to receive best!

Thanks in advance!

Also, many thanks to my favorite graphic designer in the whole world, JW, for our new and improved logo!

Ok, get those suggestions rolling!

~Darlene M.