Grizzly Mtn Ride update, 5/2/2020

fingers crossed

We have read  Oregon Gov. Brown’s new proposed rules for opening up our state.  We had hoped they speak directly to the size of gatherings but they instead say the six foot social distancing must be maintained.   AERC and EDRA both have said insurance will not be issued if we cannot comply or don’t comply with the order.  AERC will decide by committee in a board meeting May 4, so they say.  EDRA is looking into it as well.  Our controlling agency, the Crooked River National Grasslands,  has said the order must be complied with on their lands and the issuing/cancelling permits (we have one) is under discussion.

Bottom line for us is,  we feel we can pull this off and maintain the social distance rule with ALL PARTICIPANTS following procedures and relying on other means of communication of ride issues such as trails, holds and such. However we cannot take this on without having insurance and that is up to the sanctioning/endorsing organizations.   May 5 is our deadline for this.   At this point we have communicated this and are awaiting decisions.  Thank you for your patience.

~Max Merlich, Grizzly Mtn Ride Manager


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