Grizzly Mtn Ride update – 5/3/2020

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Many thanks to those of you out there anxiously awaiting word on our ride. We’re anxious too!

It comes down to this. Will either of our sanctioning/endorsing orgs give us the go ahead? We’ve gotten the go ahead from our landowners, from the federal lands we cross, and our ride veterinarians. We have a really good plan ready for execution, as far as maintaining proper social distancing, per our Governor’s guidelines. We just need the support and advocacy of just one of our sanctioning orgs. We listened in on a meeting within AERC tonight and were not encouraged. We had some really good advocates within the organization speaking up for us, but it didn’t help. They don’t want to make a decision until 5/11/2020. That’s just too late for us to get things in order for this ride and they know it. We’re still waiting on the final word from EDRA so fingers crossed there.

We will be making the final decision on Wednesday, May 6, 2020. If it’s a go, we hope that folks have enough time to get their ducks in a row to make it to the ride. If not, we know we fought the good fight. Max, in particular has fought hard for this ride. You should just know that right now.

So, until Wednesday, keep your fingers crossed and think good thoughts.

~Darlene, and Max too.

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