Final word on Grizzly Mountain ride – 5/6/2020

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We are sad to report the ride will not happen.  We spent a lotta time trying to pull it off. We had permission from the federal government reaffirmed, we had an interpretation of the governor’s executive order that allows us to have the ride if we maintained social distancing and we had a plan to do that.  We had three vets willing to vet the ride and the head vet was involved in our planning.  We had private landowner blessing and support of a huge ridership who has been patient beyond belief.  We so looked forward to bringing AERC and EDRA people back into the same camp.   In the end AERC BOD refused to even hear our plan let alone sanction our ride.   Some AERC BOD members, namely Naomi Preston and Jessica Cobbley, really advocated for us and were shut down.   The EDRA BOD evidently looked at our data and voted no.  We were not asked to present our plan.

Sorry riders, we really thought we had the risk at a very much acceptable level.  We certainly were willing to accept it. But we lost.

Prepaid entries will be refunded minus any pay pal fees.

Max and Darlene Merlich




2 thoughts on “Final word on Grizzly Mountain ride – 5/6/2020

  1. Sanctioned or not I think we should still do the ride. We can fight to get the miles counted afterwards but you went to so much effort, let’s have the ride. At least see how many would attend even if it were not sanctioned.


  2. I’m so sorry to hear this. It makes no sense for insurance or sanctioning bodies to say no if it’s legal with the state and property managers.


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