The Nitty Gritty, the Little Details!

Get that printer warmed up and…

A brief timeline:

Thursday: Ride camp opens

Friday: Ride camp is open.

Registration Opens:

Vetting in: Will start when the ride veterinarians have arrived and settled in.

Ride Meeting: 75 milers: 5:30pm, led by Max Merlich and Sharalyn Hay

Ride Meeting: 50 milers: 6pm, led by Sharalyn Hay and Darlene Merlich

Ride Meeting: 30 milers: 6:30pm, led by Sharalyn Hay and Darlene Merlich

New Riders Meeting: following the 30 miler ride meeting

Saturday: Trail Riders meeting: 8:30am, led by Sharalyn Hay

Sunday: 8am: Awards!

Be sure to welcome and thank your awesome ride veterinarians, Dr Cassee Terry, Dr Shannon Findley and Dr Lindsay Fisher!

Grizzly Mtn Ride Information and Rules:

Loops, holds and ribbon colors:

A ride map in JPG format:

We’ll see you all soon! Bring good blankets and coolers for your ponies. The weather can be super warm one minute and super cold the next. Be prepared!

A note on the GPS tracks from Darlene:

——->> Give me GPS tracks to follow any day! I’ve been handed many many ride maps over the years and rarely found them useful. We’ve tried to mark the gates and existing water tanks on this map, but it made for lots of busy and if you’re out there in unfamiliar territory, you’re going to want a good navigation app to get you back to the trail! (Helpful hint: Stay on the trail!) Thank goodness for modern technology! We use and recommend the Ride with GPS app, but our tracks are available to all apps.

Send me (Darlene Merlich) an email if you’d like the Grizzly Mtn GPS tracks sent to you in a particular format. Use the contact form below:

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