There’s still time to get signed up to ride the Grizzly Mtn Ride!

If you’re planning to ride the Grizzly Mtn Ride, we’d encourage you to get your entry filled out so Shawna can have the packets ready! If you’re planning to volunteer, please fill out the entry form also, so we have enough grits to feed y’all!

You can show up to camp as early as Thursday, April 15. Horse water will be available. Remember, no fires! There will be a central campfire that everyone is welcome to hang out by.

If you’re planning to hand a check for your entry over to Shawna at the ride, please still fill out an online entry form so you’re on the spreadsheets.

The weather can change in an instant in Central Oregon. Please be prepared for it all! It can get cold at night, so pack those warm blankets for your ponies, and good coats and gloves for yourselves. The mornings are quite crisp and you’ll be happy for gloves when you head out.

The grass is really growing green on the loops and there will be plenty of water available.

We’ll be releasing the GPS tracks early this week so you can get them downloaded and into your nav apps and gear.

Be aware there is an out check on the Rimrock Loop. All distances, except the trail ride, will be on this loop. We’ll haul your gear out to the outcheck. Parking is VERY limited at the out check so please plan accordingly. Last year the parking was pretty much maxed out with volunteers and vets.

Lots of good water available out on the trails.

Bring your smiles, good cheer, good manners (!) and we’ll see you at the Grizzly Mtn Ride next weekend!

See ya soon!

~Max, Darlene, Sharalyn, Richard, Shawna, Lois and the Gang!

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