Major announcement! The Grizzly Mtn Ride welcomes new management in 2023!

Max and Darlene Merlich took over the Grizzly Mountain Ride several years ago, and then turned over the ride to Sharalyn Hay in 2022, finally getting the opportunity to ride the ride again, finishing the 75 miler together for the first time in years!

Sharalyn and Richard have chosen to concentrate their ride management efforts on their Santiam Cascade ride, while continuing to help out with the Mary and Anna Memorial Ride.

While all that was going on, Charleen Farrell and Carlene Benson were busy managing the Oregon 100 ride. They have had increasing difficulties with their permits, fire danger, and some other issues that has made it more than difficult to hold their ride out near Brothers, Oregon.

We all got to talking and it seemed like a logical solution to all of us, for Charleen and Carlene to take over the Grizzly Mountain Ride. They have a proven track record of excellent ride management with the Oregon 100. We approached them with our proposition, hating to see the Oregon 100 just go away.

They took some time to talk it over, think about it, and agreed that the Oregon 100 at the Grizzly Mtn Ride was a good move for all! For the time being, they’ll run the Grizzly Mtn ride, with an eventual segue into the Oregon 100 at Grizzly Mtn.

Please give a big ole hearty welcome to the Grizzly Mtn Ride’s new and improved Ride Managers, Sharke and Carlene!

Hopefully you’ll soon be seeing this sign at the Grizzly Mtn Ride! ~photo by Merri Melde

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