Grizzly Mtn Weather Woes?

On the subject of Grizzly Mountain Ride, we will make the final decision to go ahead with the ride no later than April 13, 2019, one week prior. We know this is late, but we want to be sure our camp on the Miller Ranch has suitable ground conditions for rigs as well as the trails for horses. The late snow made it look unlikely initially, but the week of warm weather and the forecast of more of it make it look much better. If we can call it earlier, we will, but please understand we must keep our good relationships with landowners and the Crooked River National Grasslands. Thank you and stay tuned.

Max and Darlene

Awards are arriving!

As we prepare to head off to the EDRA conference this morning, I am watching the snow slowly melt from our Central Oregon countryside and sincerely hope things start drying out and allowing us to plan more definitively for the Grizzly Mtn Ride.

We were pretty happy with the positive reception of our new logo, done by my daughter. We thought it turned out pretty darn cool too! So much so that we incorporated into our awards this year!

Once again, Sabiq Arabian Ranch is sponsoring the First Place award buckles for the 25, 50, 75 and TYM Relay winners. Many thanks to SAR for this wonderful donation!

2019 Grizzly 75 buckle2019 Grizzly Buckles







We thought they turned out pretty nice! Can’t wait to give them out!

Until ride time, keep on conditioning, however you can. Every mile, every minute in the saddle counts right now!

Happy Trails!

Darlene, et al

It’s getting to be that time!


The date is quickly approaching! It’s time to start thinking about things like which of our 7 loops will we choose to use this year? Who’s going to run our out vet check? (hint, I’ve got that one done!), What will we choose for awards? Ribbon color combinations anyone? The trails are looking good. It’s too early to tell about any real trail conditions since it’s intermittently winter and not winter out there right now. It always seems that things come together just fine though.

I AM curious though, what sorts of awards do folks like best? I know what *I* like, but sometimes that doesn’t line up with folks’ expectations. So, how about you guys comment on this post and let us know the things you like to receive best!

Thanks in advance!

Also, many thanks to my favorite graphic designer in the whole world, JW, for our new and improved logo!

Ok, get those suggestions rolling!

~Darlene M.


Pre-Riding our trails!

It has been a glorious mild winter in Central Oregon so far. Yes, we really want the moisture here, our reservoirs need it badly, but since we have no control over the weather, we figure we may as well enjoy it while it lasts.

We went and rode our 25 mile loop, checking out some areas we had been interested in but hadn’t had the time to ride thus far. We’re really trying to find a better route back to ridecamp, than down Laurel Lane for a mile. I think we may have it nailed, but a little more scouting will tell us for sure.

We also test drove a tracking app we had learned about recently. It was used at the Scottsdale 100 Ride with success. There was a gps class at the recent PNER convention and this app was highly praised for its many charms. I just upgraded our membership, so haven’t tried the turn by turn voice navigation yet, but there’s time for that. I have uploaded the Ride with GPS app in both of our phones and it seems to be tracking the miles a little tighter than Endomondo, which is what I usually ride with. I tracked our trail with Endomondo, Ride with GPS and Gaia the other day and they were all very close in mileage. This is encouraging since we want to give our riders every opportunity to succeed at this ride.  Don’t worry! There will still be lots of lime and ribbons will still be utilized for our rides.

Related image

I’ll give as much info on Ride with GPS as I can. It’s not hard to find! I’ve also made a new tab on the Grizzly and Outback Station 3Peat web pages where you can find information on the GPS apps we endorse.

Gearing up for the 2019 PNER Convention!

Want to learn more about the sport of distance riding and endurance in the Northwest? Plan to join us at the 2019 PNER Convention, held at the Sharaton Hotel, near PDX airport, January 25-27!

More information on the convention can be found on the PNER website.

Convention Info

There will be a fresh supply of ride flyers for the Grizzly Mtn Ride available at the EDRA booth and the PNER ride flyer table!

See ya there!

Max & Darlene


Happy Holidays from the Grizzly Mtn Ride!

Everyone at the Grizzly Mtn Ride hopes you’re having a terrific holiday season!

Oh yes we have started working on the 2019 Grizzly Mtn Ride! The permit is a done deal, and have have lots of trails to choose from. That’s the easy part this year!

We’ve been working on an online form for folks to fill out. This should simplify things for our Ride Secretary and Assistant Manager, Carol Giles. If you have trouble with the link, please contact Darlene Merlich asap, so she can fix it!

Below you will find a rough copy of the 2019 ride flyer.

As usual, everything is subject to change!

2019 Grizzly Mtn Ride 2-2-2019 FINAL jpg

You can sign up online here:

Grizzly Mtn Trail Tracks (to load into your Gaia GPS App!)

I have linked my Google drive below with the GPS tracks for the Grizzly Mtn Ride.

GPS files for Grizzly Trails

You should be able to download the gpx or tcx file onto your phone and they will open up in your Gaia App.

Sue Summers will be available to help you with any issues you may be having getting the tracks into your Gaia. I am “stupid lucky” at it. That means I hack around until I get it, then I don’t recall how I got it. Sound familiar?