Ride prep continues!

The weather predictions are looking pretty favorable for ride day! Pack a jacket for you and a blanket for your pony and get to the Grizzly Mtn Ride!


Once again the Sandwich Factory in Prineville is making our Friday night dinner for riders and volunteers! Sabiq Arabian Ranch is donating beverages as well! Many thanks to Woody and Celena, and Ron and Carol.

Woody Celena

Max worked hard crafting the Best in Class awards this year. We’re excited to give them out!


The rigs are packed and we’ll be headed to ride camp tomorrow.

I’ll be back to town for some things, but Max and his help will be down there for the duration.

See y’all there!

Weather woes…or why we don’t regret moving our ride camp!

It never fails! As soon as you make a drastic move like moving your ride camp to a place well over an hour away, the predicted rains clear up and the sun and wind happen.

I was wincing over this until I went out to see Max at a site he was logging in, not too far from the Grizzly Mtn ride camp. I was happy and bummed to see this…

The dirt is dry on top, but still very wet beneath the surface. Max has this thing he calls a Skip Loader out there to drag trees/logs with. He nearly buried it in a few places, and this is in a well drained area. The land owner had buried his own back hoe out there.

What does this all say? It says, we’re glad we moved ride camp. Sorry it’s so far for everyone, but on the bright side, you’ll get to preview the Outback 3Peat Ride trails!

Get on out there next weekend and enjoy the dry trails with us!

~Darlene & Max

Calling all volunteers to the Grizzly in the Outback 2019!

help wanted

A few people have contacted me asking to help out with the Grizzly Mtn Ride. We realize that moving the ride to Outback Station will maybe prevent a few and encourage a few to evaluate their plans.

If you’d like to come and volunteer at the Grizzly in the Outback Ride, please contact me so I can get you headed in the right direction!

Come and see how a ride gets going from start to finish on ride day!

Our needs: 

  • Volunteer meals on Saturday
    • Breakfast (light), includes coffee, etc.
    • Lunch – Balanced, sandwich, chips, fruit, water/soda
    • Dinner – Something warm!
  • Pulsers
    • All vet checks are in camp!
  • Timers
    • This job is very important and usually takes two people. Tag teaming the teams works very well. Must be organized and have a good attention span.
    • Keeping time on a clipboard and on the timing board is essential.

Thank you in advance! It truly takes a village to make any ride happen.


Loops for the Grizzly in the Outback Ride


Grizzly in the OB loops holds colorsIf you would like GPS tracks for the loops, please contact Darlene Merlich, prior to the ride. Be sure to know the type of track you need for your particular application. She will get the tracks sent to you. However, this said, we do highly recommend you download the Ride with GPS app and obtain the tracks that way.



Breaking news

Grizzly’s in the Outback! 

Due to adverse weather conditions affecting the quality of our regular trails and ride camp, the venue for the Grizzly Mtn Ride has been changed to the Outback Station, near Ft Rock, OR. 


From Bend: Take Hwy 97  south towards La Pine, OR. About 1 mile south of La Pine, turn onto Hwy 31. At the 25 mile marker, slow and watch for the sign to the Outback Station. Take a left turn and go one mile. Signs will be on the highway.

From Silver Lake, OR: On Hwy 31, watch for signs past the 26 mile marker. Your turn will be to the right.


Ride camp is a large acreage meadow with easy parking for big rigs. Directly off a well traveled paved road. Nice pumice/sand base, so mud and muck doesn’t exist! If you need to run a generator, ride management respectfully requests that you park in a manner where your generator won’t disturb your neighbors too much.

Outback ride camp


Camp spots and fees are listed below. Prices listed are set by the Outback Station and will be paid directly to them by ride management. No need to write separate checks.

2 full hookup sites (sewer, water, electric) plus 16 X 16 corral, table, fire pit, showers: $35 first night, $30 every night thereafter. (First come first serve).

8 Regular sites: water, corral, fire pit , showers: $25 first night, $20 every night thereafter. (Reserve through Carol Giles  email: lawdoc@crestviewcable.com asap)

Basic/dry camping: $15 a night includes showers. (This includes fully contained rigs that don’t need hook up and have containment for their own horses.)


Beautiful pumice/sand mix two track USFS roads with some single track mixed in. Some elevation change, some rock. Hoof protection is recommended! Plentiful water will be out. These trails don’t tend to get mucky, so if it’s a little wet out, the ride will go on! This is a fantastic set of trails for an early season ride! 

Loop tracks and configurations will be posted soon.

Outback trail.jpg


10 Mile Introductory Ride: $40

25 Mile Ride: $100

50 Mile Ride: $115

75 Mile Ride: $135

TYM 50 Mile Relay: $200

Due to the generosity of the Anna and Mary Memorial Youth Fund, all riders 17 and under will ride free this year!

Discounts (One discount/rider):

$10 adult PNER member discount

50% Reciprocal Ride Manager discount

Please pre-register if possible! This is easily accomplished by sending Carol Giles an quick email with your information: lawdoc@crestviewcable.com. 

Any other information regarding the Grizzly Mtn Ride should be available within the rest of the website.



Grizzly Mtn Weather Woes?

On the subject of Grizzly Mountain Ride, we will make the final decision to go ahead with the ride no later than April 13, 2019, one week prior. We know this is late, but we want to be sure our camp on the Miller Ranch has suitable ground conditions for rigs as well as the trails for horses. The late snow made it look unlikely initially, but the week of warm weather and the forecast of more of it make it look much better. If we can call it earlier, we will, but please understand we must keep our good relationships with landowners and the Crooked River National Grasslands. Thank you and stay tuned.

Max and Darlene

Awards are arriving!

As we prepare to head off to the EDRA conference this morning, I am watching the snow slowly melt from our Central Oregon countryside and sincerely hope things start drying out and allowing us to plan more definitively for the Grizzly Mtn Ride.

We were pretty happy with the positive reception of our new logo, done by my daughter. We thought it turned out pretty darn cool too! So much so that we incorporated into our awards this year!

Once again, Sabiq Arabian Ranch is sponsoring the First Place award buckles for the 25, 50, 75 and TYM Relay winners. Many thanks to SAR for this wonderful donation!

2019 Grizzly 75 buckle2019 Grizzly Buckles







We thought they turned out pretty nice! Can’t wait to give them out!

Until ride time, keep on conditioning, however you can. Every mile, every minute in the saddle counts right now!

Happy Trails!

Darlene, et al