Gaia GPS App Info


You will find it very helpful if you load the Gaia GPS application into your smartphone, register online, and become as familiar as possibe with the app prior to showing up to the Grizzly Mtn Ride. I am also sharing one of the loops we’ll be using at the ride so you can load it up and get used to the interface. I would also recommend recording some tracks in areas you’re already familar with so you can get to know your Gaia GPS app better.

In the App Store of your choice (Google Play or iTunes) search for “Gaia GPS”. Download the Gaia GPS App into your phone, following the directions given within the application.

I have also gone to the Gaia GPS homepage and navigated through their website, watching it sync with my smartphone app. This is useful if you like to look at the maps “big” as I do, on the screen of my PC. I also finished working in my profile and such where I had the luxury of a regular sized keyboard. I am finding my smartphone (Samsung S7 Edge) app easier to use since becoming more familiar with the website, from my PC at home.

Links below:

Gaia GPS homepage

Max recorded the Warner Loop from the Grizzly Mtn Ridecamp, around the loop and back to the ridecamp here:

Warner Loop – Crooked River Nat’l Grasslands

What the Warner Loop should look like in your Gaia GPS app:

This blogger posted their view of the Gaia GPS app:

Mazamas: Gaia App Review


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