GPS tracks and trail ribbons

Grizzly Mtn Ribbons!

We want to let everyone know that the trail is marked with ribbons. Lots of ribbons! Even if you are not able to download the tracks or work an app on your phone, you will still get around the trail just fine.

If you have an interest in the Ride with GPS app and GPS tracks in general, there will be someone around camp who can help you.

The Grizzly Mountain ride is committed to all of our riders succeeding on their rides. We also want to promote the use of GPS apps and devices. The amount of trail sabotage that happens at rides these days is very disheartening to any manager.

We want our riders to have every single tool in their tool box to succeed at their ride.

So again, it doesn’t matter if you have any apps loaded on your phone or you have a GPS unit strapped on your arm, the trails are marked with lots of ribbon and lots of lime! Get out here and ride!

Ride with GPS is the app that we are recommending to add to your smart phone. You can utilize the free service or upgrade to a “Basic” or “Premium” plan. We decided to upgrade to the “Basic Yearly” plan so we can utilize the voice navigation.

In the App Store of your choice (Google Play or iTunes) search for “Ride with GPS”. Download the Ride with GPS App into your phone, following the directions given within the application.

In researching the Ride with GPS app online, I was able to sync the app with my Garmin Connect and see all of the rides we’ve ridden with our Garmin GPS’s! This is also really helpful if you like to look at the maps like I do, seeing the “big picture” on my desktop PC.

PNER Members need to send an email to Jala Neufeld, so she can invite you to the PNER club.

Links for Ride with GPS below:

Ride with GPS homepage

I recorded a loop we use, in our conditioning, on Ride with GPS. You can explore the Ride with GPS attributes on a ride we did.

Powell Butte over “Rattlesnake Pass”

We will be making all of the routes we plan to use at the Grizzly Mtn Ride available in the GPS file format of your choice so that you may show up to the ride, locked and loaded!

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