April 16, 2022

Welcome to the Grizzly Mtn Ride Homepage!

Ride Camp:

Ride camp will be on the Miller Ranch, on Hwy 26. A beautiful flat ride camp with lots of horse water, a communal bonfire, and room to spread out.

(Please thank Roger and Sara Miller for their generosity and hospitality when you see them!)


12205 Hwy 26, Madras, OR

Central Oregon: Hwy 97 traveling South, left at the south end of Madras, OR onto SE Hwy 26 (Madras-Prineville Hwy). Travel 11.5 mi

From Hwy 97, traveling North, in Terrebonne, turn right onto Smith Rock Way. go approximately 5.5 miles, turn left onto Lone Pine Rd, go approximately 6 miles to SE Hwy 26, turn left, go 2 miles, turn right towards camp.

Signs will be out on Hwy 26.


44°27’31.9″N 121°02’09.3″W

Head Veterinarian: Dr Cassee Terry of Redmond Veterinary Clinic

Contact Info: grizzlymtnride@gmail.com or 541.279.3303

Ride Secretary: Shawna Bowin

Entry form and Release:

Pre-registration will be offered, opening up approximately 2 months prior to the ride. Avoid the $10 on-site registration fee. Volunteers please register, also, so we can get a count and have enough grits to feed our volunteers! You will still need to check in with the secretary when you arrive, to finalize all the information and turn in/sign a waiver form.

PNER Ride Entry/Release form

PNER/AERC Covid Release form


Mixed high desert trails, lots of two track road and cow trails, and some gravel road. Some sections of rock. Very doable “spring ride” trails! Plentiful water. Please seriously consider hoof protection. Gentle rolling elevation changes. Gates! This area is grazed by range cattle, so gates are a fact of life out here. Hopefully, as has been the case in past years, we’ll be having the ride ahead of the cattle being released into the area and the gates won’t be an issue. Fingers crossed!

Camping Fees:

  • $15/night per horse “rig” or $25/weekend per horse “rig”

Distances and Fees:

  • Intro Ride: $35
  • 30 miles: $100
  • 50 miles: $115
  • 75 miles: $150
  • Junior and Young Riders (18 & under): FREE for any distance! Thanks to a generous donation from the EDRA group, and several donors of varied organization memberships, a fund created in 2018 to pay entries for all junior/youth riders in the PNER region, regardless of organization affiliation. Until this fund is depleted, all junior/youth riders 18 and under will ride for free at participating NW and EDRA rides! If you’re interested in donating to the Mary and Anna Memorial Junior Rider Fund, please contact Sue McLain @ kastu88@msn.com.
  • $15 AERC Non-member fee added if you’re not a current member of AERC. Proof of membership required!


You can pay in one of three ways: Send a check, to Carol’s address, Venmo or PayPal.

Our ride treasurer, Carol Giles, would just as soon receive checks from folks. They’re much easier for her to process. We’ll have a spot for you to check that you’ll be sending a check to Carol for your entry. You can still pay online, if you prefer, but be aware, if you use PayPal and you don’t pay using “Friends and Family”, your payment will be refunded, and you’ll be asked to pay again. You’ll also have the option of using Venmo (please do not pay “goods and services”, this also adds fees.), if you prefer.

Paper Check: Send checks made out to “TER Endurance” to: Carol Giles, 1304 NE Montana Ln, Prineville, OR 97754


Darlene Merlich’s Venmo link


TER Rides PayPal link

Discounts (One discount/rider):

  • 50% Ride Manager discount will be given to ALL Ride Managers who reciprocate the discount.


Horse Water, Port-a-potties, Central campfire (Social Distancing required!)



~ All AERC rules apply!

~ Good sportsmanship and common courtesy will be displayed at all times.

~ Spread hay and manure.

~ Fill any holes dug by your horse.

~ No fires!

~ All dogs will be safely contained.

~ Anyone handling a horse will have appropriate footwear on their feet while handling the horse.

All AERC rules apply.

~ Covid Rules/Precautions

More information to come as it is available!

We welcome everyone into our endurance/distance riding community, without regard to race, gender, age, color, national origin, ethnic background, socioeconomic status, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or endurance/distance riding organization affiliation.

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