Pre-Riding our trails!

It has been a glorious mild winter in Central Oregon so far. Yes, we really want the moisture here, our reservoirs need it badly, but since we have no control over the weather, we figure we may as well enjoy it while it lasts.

We went and rode our 25 mile loop, checking out some areas we had been interested in but hadn’t had the time to ride thus far. We’re really trying to find a better route back to ridecamp, than down Laurel Lane for a mile. I think we may have it nailed, but a little more scouting will tell us for sure.

We also test drove a tracking app we had learned about recently. It was used at the Scottsdale 100 Ride with success. There was a gps class at the recent PNER convention and this app was highly praised for its many charms. I just upgraded our membership, so haven’t tried the turn by turn voice navigation yet, but there’s time for that. I have uploaded the Ride with GPS app in both of our phones and it seems to be tracking the miles a little tighter than Endomondo, which is what I usually ride with. I tracked our trail with Endomondo, Ride with GPS and Gaia the other day and they were all very close in mileage. This is encouraging since we want to give our riders every opportunity to succeed at this ride.  Don’t worry! There will still be lots of lime and ribbons will still be utilized for our rides.

Related image

I’ll give as much info on Ride with GPS as I can. It’s not hard to find! I’ve also made a new tab on the Grizzly and Outback Station 3Peat web pages where you can find information on the GPS apps we endorse.

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