2021 Grizzly Mtn Ride Schedule*

*As always, subject to change!

Riders and crews may arrive on Thursday. Please pay attention to the areas blocked off with white surveyor tape. The tape is anchored to the ground so the wind doesn’t blow it away. Please don’t drive over it, unless the spot reserved is for you.

The trails are all marked. You may go out and ride a loop, or out a trail, but you are responsible to open and close every gate you come to. The ranchers have cows out on the BLM grazing allotments now and they get very cranky if their cows end up where they don’t belong.

Main rule of the weekend: BE KIND AND RESPECTFUL TO ALL! If you have an issue arise, please find the appropriate person to speak to. We will work hard to resolve all issues AT RIDECAMP!

Friday Schedule:

1:00 pm: Registration opens. Carol Giles will be at the Registration desk. Registration area will be marked clearly.

3:00 pm: New Rider Orientation/Education, hosted by Lois Fox

~ Bring your questions, wear a mask and have a great attitude. Lois has lots of knowledge and experience to share!

4:00 pm: Volunteer meeting, led by Darlene Merlich

5:30 pm: 75 mile rider briefing, led by Max and Dr Cassee

6:30 pm: 50 mile rider briefing, led by Darlene, Max and Dr Cassee

7:00 pm: 26 mile rider briefing, led by Darlene, Max and Dr Cassee

Saturday Schedule:

6:15 am: 75 miler starts

7:00 am: 50 miler starts


8:15 am: Intro/Trail rider briefing (THIS TIME HAS CHANGED FROM WHAT WAS POSTED EARLIER!)

9:00 am: Intro/Trail riders may leave on their ride.

You may call/text Darlene or Max w/any questions. Please don’t expect an immediate response.

Darlene cell#: 360-433-5772

Max cell#: 503-784-5337

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