Grizzly Ride Flier is final!

We have a final Grizzly Mtn Ride flier to share. We’ve also finalized our ribbon colors. I’m not going to publish a map until we get final approval from the USFS, but we’re making good headway!


These are the ribbon combinations we’ll be using:

Anytime you see a Caution ribbon tied with your loop ribbon, that will indicate a turn coming up. A Caution ribbon by itself will indicate you should TAKE CAUTION! This might mean a hole or other trail hazard you should pay attention to!


You might be asking yourself, “Why don’t they use three ribbons to mark a turn?” We don’t use three ribbons to mark a turn because there is some common trail out there and we are in sagebrush country. To see nothing but a wad of ribbons in the sagebrush is confusing! The trails will be marked well enough that the ribbons shouldn’t be confused ever. Common trails will be marked with ribbons that can’t be confused for one another.

That’s all for now!

Darlene & Max

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