Attention Grizzly Mtn Volunteers, and Riders!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Grizzly Mtn Ride! We appreciate our volunteers so much!

Please take a moment and fill out the RSVP form so Shawna has a head count and we have enough grits to feed everyone! If you’re planning to ride, you can do so at this link, also. Please visit the Online Registration page to finish registering, however.

Due to current Covid-19 regulations, we’re not able to host our regular rider BBQ, but we will feed our volunteers, as always. We’ll also provide drinks, coffee, tea, soda, and water to all.

Thank you to all who have RSVP’d already. If you still need to pay, you may do so on the Online Registration page. If you paid for meals already, please drop Darlene a note and we’ll make sure you get refunded. ( There is no charge for volunteer meals!

See you in 4 weeks!

~Darlene, Max, Lois, Shawna & Carol

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