UPDATE: 4/11/2021

Loop color changes!

If you previously downloaded our Loops, Colors, Holds sheet, please download it again! Two of the loops had to undergo a ribbon color change. This is what happens when you put your ribbon away at the end of a ride and don’t actually take an accounting. We’ve “lost” an entire loop of one of our favorite colors! That’s ok, we have more ribbon.

Max, Carol, and our friends, Elayne Barclay and Sharalyn Hay are out marking loops today. Darlene is out for the moment with a minor TBI. Minor, but enough to keep her off things that would rattle her already shaky brain any more that it already is.

Shawna is working her hiney off on the entries. Thank you all for registering and getting your accurate information to Shawna. Makes all of our jobs easier! Shawna is a goddess and again, the closest thing to Anna Sampson that we have these days in PNER. She’s amazing.

Can’t wait to see everyone next weekend! Make sure and get all of your correct papers printed, signed, and in your rig to bring along!

~ Your Grizzly Mtn Ride Management Team

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